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Area Ⅰ . Sunset direction

Area Ⅱ . Kannon-iwa Rock direction

「Daisen-Oki National Park」

 National Park of Japan and typical scenic spots as specified by the country needs protection and management. There is 30 places across the country. Oki is designated as “Daisen-Oki National Park”, Kuniga Coast is also included.

Live Camera advantages

 By Kuniga Coast Live Camera, it can confirm that something drifts from the coast and illegal waste dumping. It will be used for the “Protection of the natural landscape” of Kuniga Coast.

In addition, as an initiative for “safety and security”, it takes advantage of the situation to confirm the sea in times of typhoon or the confirmation of suspicious vehicles in the parking lot.



Privacy protection 「Dynamic Object Removal Technology」

 In using live cameras, 「Privacy issues」are a main concern. In consideration to use privacy in conventional camera, the image quality will be decreased (blurring) to avoid certain person that caught in the camera.

Using the Kuniga Coast Live Camera, we automatically get rid of moving objects by using “Dynamic Object Removal technology”. It will therefore resolve the issue of privacy of the passing vehicles and pedestrians in general. Also, it will be captured in full high definition

About Live Camera

Kunigahama Lookout

 Kunigahama Lookout is about 30 minutes from Beppu port of Nishinoshima. Also near is the Akao Lookout, Kannon-iwa Rock, and the Matengai Cliff. From there, it has a superb view of the sunset.

Kunigahama Lookout


Kannon-iwa Rock

The view from a Kunigahama Lookout


Live Camera Calender